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EQUIP Personal Trainers

  • Certified Personal Trainer (FISAF) by Federation International of Sports Aerobics & Fitness

  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

Ilham is a methodical and dedicated trainer who have a long list of loyal personal training clientele that has followed him throughout his career. He has always met his clients training needs and objectives by adjusting the training type and intensity so as to give them maximum results and confidence which keep their motivation up and coming back for more.

Ilham's training is creative and effective. Your training with him will never be boring. For those who have reached a plateau in your workout, he will be the one for you. Many clients are surprised at how much more they could improve their performance through his training even when they thought they are already fit.

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) by American Council on Exercise

    Specialize in 
  • Weight Management Program 
  • Toning and Sculpturing 
  • Body Contouring 
Liza is a dedicated and meticulous trainer who will go the extra mile to ensure that her clients enjoys the workout while maximising their training with her. 
Liza is a mother of three kids. This helps her understand the mentality and physical limitations of ladies which helps her create training programs that are most suitable for them, helping them achieve their goals. Especially for those who are a first timer in the gym, she makes clients feel at ease and comfortable during the time with her.  
Liza biggest passion is helping other women realize that it is possible to get fit and healthy no matter how deconditioned they are. She helps them understand that our body is transformable, you just need to believe you can do it, and just do it.
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Science,  Edith Cowan University

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) by American Council on Exercise

  • Fitness Instructor Course

  • Basic Exercise Course, SSC


Damien developed a love for physical activity in secondary school. He was picked during his teenage years.  Exercising proved to be a great stress reliever. He picked up weightlifting and martial arts during secondary school and continued to develop his passion for fitness until today.

His greatest passion in life is fitness, and sharing the love for fitness with as many people as he can. This is the primary reason he became a personal trainer, and also the reason why he continues to develop his knowledge in the latest fitness research and findings to better serve his clients.


Damien is a motivating and passionate trainer who believes in keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle. His personal training lessons are exhilarating with a good mix of boxing, HIIT and resistance training. He always ensures his clients stay motivated and strive continuously to meet their fitness goals.

Damien's training is not for the faint hearted. But if you are ready for your biggest transformation and is willingly to put in the hard work and best effort, you will be amaze at what you can achieve, what your body can achieve. 

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