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The great thing about a group workout is the encouragement and motivation you get from your companions. The classes keeps the tempo going with our seasoned trainers, while you draw strength to push harder, giving you a great workout that brings you results. What's more, you get attention, but at a level that you may be more comfortable with.

Classes are a great way to power up your fitness because they are well structured and nothing beats working out together with like-minded individuals. Here at EQUIP, our classes are powered by well-trained fitness instructors. Apart from that, we have our own special in-house training programme such as the EQUIP Avenger Training, powered by our trainers. Select the most appropriate class based on the level of intensity and your preferred theme today!

For more information on class schedule and prices, please text 86924467 to enquire.

Please text <Class Name> , <date> to 86924467 to book for class. Thank you!

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