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Please Note : To prevent injuries due to lack of warm up before exercising and interrupting the class, you will not be able to join the class if you are late.


Avengers Training

Avenger’s Training is a high intensity interval training based workout with box steps, box jumps, TRX and kettlebell swings. It is guaranteed to get your heart-rate up and give you a good full body workout.  Avenger’s training takes care of both strength and cardio training in a single session. 


The perfect all around workout if you're looking to build and tone muscle and burn fat and calories. You'll use free weights, and your own body weight to effectively strengthen all of your major muscle groups. The overall goal is to provide the biggest return on your time. You'll spend part of your time working on specific muscle groups, while other parts of the class will have you completing stretched and cardio moves that are designed to increase flexibility and endurance.  

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