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EQUIP Personal Training

Customized Health and Fitness Program

EQUIP will provide you with a customized Heath and Fitness Program tailored to suit your lifestyle needs. 

Taking your work schedule, medical history and current physical condition into account, we will formulate the most suitable health and fitness strategy for you to help you achieve your ideal fitness and physique. 

A) Set your goals 
•Weight loss & Tone-Up
• Gain Muscle & Strength
• Improve Health & Fitness
• Sports Conditioning
• Functional Training
• Improve Physique

B) Fitness and Body Assessment  
• Medical history and current health condition
• Deep In-Body Analysis - Detailed muscles and fat composition
• Range of motion and functional movement analysis
• Diet Analysis

C) Customized Program

• Customized program tailored to client’s goals , health and fitness level
• Diet Advice 

D) Work towards your goals
Our Team will be with you for every step of your journey to success. 

New to Personal Training

Those who are new to fitness training will find it manageable to start with our tailored training programs. We will take into account your medical and fitness status to customize a health and exercise program that will gradually raise the level of your fitness, stamina and body musculature. 

We aim to improve your fitness at a pace that is manageable. 

Health and Weight Management

Research have shown that exercise offer a lot of benefits. Not only does it improve your quality of life, it also reduces the occurrence of obesity , chronic health conditions and diseases. 

After conducting an assessment of your existing medical conditions, we will tailor an exercise program that helps you burn calories while taking your special requirements into consideration. Your progress will be closely monitored to ensure a safe and effective outcome. 

We will also make us of dietary, physical activity and behaviour modification interventions to get you to your ideal weight and fitness level. 

Diet Advice

You do not need to deprive yourself of your favourite food in order to eat healthily. What you need is a varied and balanced diet. 

Your current eating habits will also be analyzed for specific areas for improvement, enabling us to formulate meal plans that will help you achieve your goals. 

Wedding Preparation 

Everyone deserves to look and feel absolutely gorgeous when walking down the aisle. EQUIP has designed a special wedding fitness package to help you shape up and feel great. The package comprises personal coaching sessions and advices on diet built around your goals. 

Whether you are the bride or groom, we can help you get in your best possible shape for your big day. Alternatively,both of you can train together with our couple wedding package and save up for your dream honeymoon. 

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