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There are two things I want to say before anything else: 

1) I am pretty straight shooter so when i am asked to give comments or feedback you can expect an honest response. 

2) Service with a human face and which is personalised and customer focused is really important to me. (otherwise you won't see me again.)


Now , I can hand on heart say that as a personal trainer, EQUIP's Faiz, is brillant 

Faiz listens and takes time to get to know his client meaning a tailored program that is focused on your goals. He focus on posture and technique to prevent injury. He is flexible but will push you to achieve your potential. (Within limits you are comfortable with of course.) He is fit himself (just look at the guy!) and whether developing a program for a guy or a girl, he knows his stuff. (We are all ambassadors of our own 'brand' . To me having a trainer who walks the talk is critically important.)

Fun-loving and motivating, no matter how challenging my day has been, i always look forward to my sessions with Faiz.

- Lily Tsen -

Personal Trainer : Faiz

Training with Faiz has exceeded my expectations! I am 6 months into it and it has been amazing! I am fitter than I have ever been in my life, and more strength than I ever thought I would have! It is not about being perfect but consistency is definitely the key to see results! If you are serious in getting a professional and an effective personal trainer, don't look any further!

- Amy Melissa -

Personal Trainer : Faiz

Getting into shape and losing some weight were my goals. Started working out at EQUIP a few years ago and Faiz has been my dedicated personal trainer since then! He has helped me get into better shape, and is still pushing me beyond my limits cause he knows I can do it. It may be tough initially but with perseverance you can get there. That is what i learnt from Faiz himself. 

- Karryn -

Personal Trainer : Faiz

Faiz is a friendly and dedicated trainer. He knows what his clients' goals are and helps them achieve their goals. For instance, I had to train for 2.4km run recently. Faiz gave advice on what i should do to get 15 mins or less for my run. He is also very encouraging during trainings and creates achievable goals. He often explains the rationale behind a workout so that I am aware of the muscle group I am working on. In addition, he is focused during training where he keeps to the time given for me to rest and workout. Overall he has helped increase my knowledge about the various types of workout and has been encouraging me to do my very best every training session. 

- Nisaa - 

Personal Trainer : Faiz 

I have been training with Ilham for the past 2-3 years and my fitness level has improved drastically since I first started. I got on Ilham's Personal Training (PT) when i started to plateau. 

Ilham always keeps the PT interesting and challenging, with each session being completely different from the last. This keeps my body guessing and it helps a lot in breaking past my plateau 2 years ago. He brings in elements from crossfit, TRX, Muay Thai, Strength Training and body weight training and mixes it up HIIT style. It is really cool to do something new every time. 

It is also great that EQUIP has all the facilities and equipment to support the training that Ilham designs. Even when I am training on my own, I have the freedom to go all out in strength training. They have got dumbbells up to 50kg, and a slam pad where i can do my deadlifts. These are not just found in any gym. 

The other staff there are a friendly bunch too, and always willing to help out. Two things up for the crew of EQUIP!

- Jonathan Chan - 

Personal Trainer : Ilham

I have been with EQUIP for almost 2 years and still following them. EQUIP is a cosy and fully equipped gym. Other than personal training, there are also classes like Avengers, suspension, Muay Thai boxing etc. I enjoyed the classes, especially those conducted by EQUIP trainers. All the EQUIP trainers are professional and very approachable. 

Months back, i took up personal training with Ilham. He is experienced and he plan the workout based on individual fitness level. He is totally an awesome trainer. We set target and train hard. I have seen then received good results that further makes me love training, It just feels good training hard and keeping fit at the same time. 

If you want to train, be fit and look good like the trainers, I would highly recommend EQUIP. It is totally worth it!

- Peh Sun- 

Personal Trainer : Ilham 

I was a bit apprehensive the first time i set foot into EQUIP gym. The place was terrifyingly unfamiliar, and I am a little ashamed to say, it looked like LUSH the soap store. Of course, it only became even more intimidating after i saw Damien. One big hulking guy and no one else in sight. This was definitely no Fitness First. Damien was good about dealing with skittish newcomers though. He showed me around and offered to introduce me to all the equipment available. 

I decided to go for the first session. Damien made me suffer. It was painful and lots of hurting. He knew what he was doing, that torture master. Heads and Shoulders, Knees and toes - every part named in the song, he knew how to make them hurt. Not to say he was terrible. Terribly effective i suppose. 

He made a lot of effort to get to know clients and to tailor the routine. No simple push up and squats. Instead, there was rope-work, ball slams and kettlebell swings. There was heavy weights and box jumps. There was overhead presses and timed circuits. 

I wouldn't recommend Damien for just about anyone. But if you are willing to put in the effort, Damien is your man. He will work you hard and make you hate it. But you will keep coming back.


- Aiden - Doctor 

Personal Trainer : Damien 

Damien is seriously one of the best personal trainers I’ve ever worked with-and I’ve been to seen a few over the years both here in Singapore and back in Australia.

About 2.5 years I tore my supraspinatus tendon in my shoulder while training with another personal trainer here in Singapore. It took over 18 months to heal. I thought I would NEVER be able to lift weights again and I was still experiencing shoulder pain before I met Damien. I was sooooo scared about returning to the gym!

Damien was AMAZING!!! Not only did he reassure me but he also made me feel comfortable and safe about training again with weights. He has REALLY helped rehabilitate my shoulder and its now back with full strength. I can now perform a chin-up and a pull-up! 

Seriously!!  This is something I thought I’d never be able to do-and something I really wanted to achieve, way before my injury.

Damien has a super attitude, he’s always in a great mood, and ALWAYS encouraging. His sessions are never boring, I feel challenged, encouraged and supported in every one of my sessions with him.

I’m physically stronger than I have ever been, my cardiovascular fitness has improved massively and my weight loss is ongoing. I’m so happy to have found Equip Fitness – all the staff there are super friendly and I feel very lucky that I get to train with Damien.

- Isa Parkinson - Nurse

Personal Trainer : Damien 


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